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★ GREAT VALUE - This 5-in-1 vibrating multifunction kit includes a 3D V lifting roller, a round rose quartz for the eyes, a rose quartz facial roller, and two types of T-shape massagers.

★ SKIN BENEFITS - This kit is masterfully crafted to target particular parts of the face, offering your skin a number of advantages. By increasing circulation on your skin, you can provide it the nutrients and oxygen it needs to rejuvenate and mend itself, which will also improve the texture and tone of the skin. In addition to minimizing puffiness and dark circles around the eyes, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. The body may get rid of toxins and pollutants by stimulating the lymphatic system.

★ VIBRATION MODE – Serums can reach deeper skin layers in the vibration mode, it has a 6000 vibrations per minute. providing 280 times more moisture and elasticity maintenance than a conventional massager.  Your skin will get smoother if you use it daily.

★ PRECAUTIONS & INSTRUCTIONS – Electric power is supplied by one AA battery (not included). Furthermore, the manual control twists On/Off. Some brands' rechargeable AA batteries are too large to fit into the device, in this case, please use a different brand of AA battery. Please carefully read our Instruction Manual. If you are allergic or have sensitive skin don´t use the product.