Why is orange essential oil so beneficial for sensitive skin?

September 28, 2022 2 min read

Why is orange essential oil so beneficial for sensitive skin?

Many of you may not know it, but essential oils are similar in structure to the sebum on your skin. Therefore, they are ideal "foods" that provide the necessary nutrients for the skin. Combining face and body creams with essential oils will nourish your skin and keep it stronger and more supple. This will also prevent possible inflammatory reactions.

Add orange essential oil to your face and body products to help restore firmness. It inhibits the growth of microorganisms and disinfects wounds, thus preventing infection. Thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it can combat the formation of acne on the skin. It can also reduce the effects of acne, such as redness, pain, and inflammation.

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Properties of orange essential oil

Orange essential oil is an excellent all-purpose preservative. In the past, they were mixed with water and used as a mouthwash to treat canker sores and gingivitis. It is also very useful in cases of constipation, colds, colic.

In fact, orange essential oil is a great skin rejuvenator and whitener, so it can help regulate oily skin, has antibacterial properties needed to treat acne, and is included in cleansers.

Due to its moisturizing and soothing properties, gentle massages can soothe sensitive skin. Its low cost, gourmet scent, and superior cosmetic virtues make this essential oil a must-have for skin care.

The valuable fruit of this tree and the pulp of other products are found throughout the world. For this reason, in most countries where citrus fruits are grown, the precious essential oil is produced from the sweet orange.This orange-based product has been valued for its properties and positive effects for centuries on our immune system.

Benefits of orange oil for sensitive skin

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Add this natural elixir to your face and your skin will be clear with fewer blackheads and enlarged pores. Special protection against infections and bacteria. Reduces and relaxes the skin. Revitalized, brighter, more even skin tone, more even tone. Few expression lines, open and youthful appearance.

Balancing: Orange oil balances the skin's moisture content, leaving it fresh and rested.

Rejuvenating: Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it perfectly cleanses the skin, because it produces the elimination of toxins and increases the stimulation of the collagen and elastin creation processes.

Relaxing: The delicate aroma of orange essential oil relieves stress. The calm that emanates will help you sleep well. And don't forget that sleep is a classic beauty.

Why is orange essential oil so beneficial for sensitive skin?

Nourishing: Oranges are known for their high content of vitamin C, which acts as a natural anti-aging agent, but they are also rich in vitamins, magnesium and carotenoids. In addition, they protect the skin from sun damage and pollution. Therefore, it reduces the appearance of acne and breakouts on the skin.

Its soothing and refreshing properties maximize the moisturizing power of the facial cream as well as helping to fight acne. Combined with purifying antioxidant orange and clary sage oils, it helps the dermis retain moisture. Both reduce color and thus reduce certain blemishes.

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