Why do dark circles appear and how to remove them quickly?

September 26, 2022 3 min read

Why do dark circles appear and how to remove them quickly?

Many people attribute dark circles just to tiredness and lack of sleep. These can be the root of many causes, there are other reasons for the creation of dark circles. For example allergies and the natural aging process in adults. Depending on your skin tone, the color of dark circles under your eyes can range from purple, blue, or dark brown and black.

These ties are rarely conspicuous, but some people have their appearance affected, for many aesthetic reasons. It is possible that dark circles under the eyes indicate a great need to change some things in your lifestyle. Such as having a better sleeping habit or a balanced diet.

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What are the types of dark circles?

In addition to tiredness, dark circles can appear for many reasons, and their appearance can be the result of a poor diet or stress, or even a symptom of genetic factors. There are the following types:

Pigmented dark circles:

They occur due to increased melanin (pigmentation) in the eyelid skin area. The main reasons for this are atopic dermatitis, skin eczema, or simply genetics.

Vascular dark circles:

Stand out in purple. They occur because the patient's skin in this area is very thin and blood vessels are visible underneath.

Valley of tears:

They are called so, because they appear with very noticeable rhythms and extend from the inner songs in the eyes to the cheeks. This is the result of aging or rapid fat loss.

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What are the causes of dark circles?

After some of the influencing circumstances, stress for example, these dark circles tend to dissipate. On the other hand, there are cases where its presence is permanent, and some of the following may be the probable causes:

Bad nutrition

An unbalanced diet directly causes dark circles, because it affects all aspects of your health, including our blood vessels. Iron deficiency anemia can cause dark circles under the eyes and this anemia can be directly related to malnutrition problems.

Fluid retention

This problem is often associated with autoimmune diseases and inflammatory processes in the body. So fluid retention becomes visible.

Genetic factors

Remember that some people are prone to dark circles. In this sense, it is impossible to avoid the natural appearance of dark circles on the skin, unless they have a specific problem or disease that causes it.

How to avoid and remove dark circles?

If you see that the cause of your dark circles is fatigue or mitigating stress, the best solution is to sleep much more. With quality sleep, you can improve a lot and strive to live in a calm and relaxed way.

When various products and medications are applied to the skin for dark circles, they can help to eliminate the inflammation of the blood vessels. Which can help you improve your appearance.

Egg and glycerin mask

Some claim that egg white acts as a skin tightening agent, although there is no evidence to confirm this. Anyway, you can try it with this corrective mask in combination with glycerin.

Mint sheet mask

A simple mint leaf mask can refresh the eye area and make your face look fresher. It could be useful to minimize them and relax the area.

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