Why are Peel-off masks not as good as you thought?

October 10, 2022 2 min read

Why are Peel-off masks not as good as you thought?

There are multiple masks ideal for our skin. However, not all products that promise good results are actually good for our complexion. There is the case of peel-off masks, which are increasingly popular on social networks, and therefore sales increase.

But how effective are these masks actually? Because, numerous dermatologists claim that nothing that makes you cry, or hurts, can be beneficial for your skin. Much less in the long run. But today we are going to reveal the secrets of these popular masks.

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Are peel-off masks effective?

Keep in mind that hundreds of dermatologists do not recommend this type of mask especially because they can hurt too much. And for sensitive skin, it can be harmful rather than beneficial. However, they claim that a mask, due to its components, can cause some kind of itching, but should not produce any pain when removed.

Especially, to remove blackheads, you don't need to wear masks that make you cry. Also, you may be disappointed to know that these masks don't actually clean thoroughly. Therefore, you will be going through great pain, almost nothing.

Actually, dermatologists’ comment that when you tear these masks off your skin, what you get is an exfoliation effect. In addition, the most superficial layer of the layer (the outermost layer of the skin) is removed. From there, it is where you notice the whitish dots that are attached to the mask. But the black dots will still be there.

On the other hand, not all masks of this type are harmful. There will be some better options than others, which, despite using the same name, are not the same. There are some that cause skin damage, and others that do not, and that do not cause pain either.

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What consequences can the use of this type of mask bring you?

Dermatologists say that the use of these aggressive masks can lead to serious skin damage. For example, you would begin to suffer from redness, peeling or erosions and superficial wounds. And while this wouldn't suggest long-term damage, on more sensitive skin it could trigger rosacea flare-ups or couperose. And if you didn't have sensitive skin before, you may now lose tolerance and your skin becomes very sensitive.

Therefore, dermatologists recommend not to abuse cleaning. Daily beauty routines do not have to include this type of aggressive treatments to give high benefits to your skin.

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