What is the best acne treatment in 2022?

September 17, 2022 2 min read

What is the best acne treatment in 2022?

As our skin is one of the most exposed parts of our body, it is the first thing people notice about us, and those who suffer from acne always feel excluded in a society so concerned about the appearance that we have today. Acne can have negative physical effects and many consequences, such as the creation of scars.

Acne can also produce psychological processes, as those who are affected begin to feel fear or shame. Which could lead them to depression. Hence the importance of using acne treatments, and today, many products have been manufactured that are easily accessible on the market.

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What is the best acne treatment in 2022?

Best topical acne treatments.

Depending on the lesions that can affect our skin, we can distinguish between mild, moderate, and severe acne. Hygiene is really important as are topical cosmetic treatments, which are essential for treating acne.


Medicines that are compounded with retinoic acids are effective in improving moderate acne. They usually come in presentations such as creams or gels. Use this remedy at night, the first three times a week, and then daily as your skin adjusts. Prevents hair follicles from becoming clogged.

Azelaic acid and salicylic acid.

Azelaic acid is naturally produced by yeast. It is rich in antibiotic properties. A 20% cream containing even 20% of this acid can be as effective as any conventional treatment. It is recommended to use it twice a day.

Azelaic acid can be used to control discolorations that occur as a result of some types of acne.

Best therapies to reduce acne.

Acne is an inflammatory disease, this condition is characterized by the obstruction of the pores. Where excess fat is created and bacteria overgrow on the skin. In some people, the treatments described below are very effective:


Many light treatments have been tried with relative success. Most require several visits to the doctor's office. You need more to determine the ideal method, light source, and dosage.

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Chemical exfoliation.

In this procedure, is applied a chemical solution such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, or retinoic acid. This is a mild acne treatment. It can improve the appearance of the skin, although the changes are not permanent and often require repeated treatments.

Drainage and extraction.

The medical doctor uses special tools to remove blackheads created by impurities, open comedones, or cysts that have not been cleared with previously prescribed topical medications. This method temporarily improves the appearance of the skin, but it can also leave scars.

Steroid infiltration.

Nodular or cystic lesions can be treated with steroid injections into the skin. This treatment results in rapid improvement and effective pain reduction.

What is the best acne treatment in 2022?

Benefits of acne treatment

  •    Reduces inflammation of the face.
  •    Controls infections of bothersome pimples
  •    Increases sebum-regulation
  •    They clean the dirt that accumulates in the injured areas.
  •    Significantly improves your appearance.
  •    Improves the aesthetics of your skin.
  •    Increase the self-esteem of patients.
  •    They do not mistreat the skin
  •    And hydrate and nourish the dermis.

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