What Is a Face Roller and How Do I Use It?

July 02, 2021 2 min read

What Is a Face Roller and How Do I Use It?

With Jade, Rose Quartz, or Amethyst, a face roller offers your complexion a radiant, glowy lift while also giving metaphysical advantages. 
With this guide, you'll discover how to roll your way to beautiful skin.
1. Get your skin ready.
Apply a serum, oil, moisturizer, or mask of your choice.
2. Work on the cheeks from the center outward and upward, starting with the chin.
Make sweeping rolls beneath the chin towards the collar bone, going outwards to the sides of the neck, starting in the middle.
3. Begin rolling the crystal facial roller upwards and outwards from the center of your neck. 
This motion should be repeated on each region of your face.

Face Rollers: Useful Hints and Techniques



Gently roll the little roller around the eye socket three times. Roll over the top and beneath the eye towards the tear duct, swaying it gently as you do, starting from the upper inner border where your nose meets your brow and moving outwards.

Then, using a gentle rocking motion, put the roller vertically into the inner corner of the eye.


Begin from the hairline, rolling softly towards the ear, moving left or right from the center of the forehead. Rep 3–6 times more over the same area.

Lips, Chin, and Nose

Work from the nose to the ear with the large roller. Carry on with the upper lip, bottom lip, and chin.

Follow the lower jaw line under the ear lobe starting at the chin. Then do the same thing on the other side.

Neck and Jawline

Begin on the chin and work your way outward and upward on the cheeks. Make sweeping rolls beneath the chin towards the collar bone, going outwards to the sides of the neck, starting in the middle.

How to use a Gua Sha Lifting

This lovely scraping tool combines an ancient therapeutic practice with modern treatment, softly massaging and contouring the face while accentuating your best features and leaving skin looking immaculate. Learn how to get the most out of your Gua Sha tool by learning how to use it properly.

1. Prepare your skin by exfoliating it. Apply a serum, oil, mask, or moisturizer of your choice.

2. Gently massage the area. Begin massaging your face and neck in upward and outward motions, starting at the neck and continuing along your chin, cheeks, and very softly around the eye area after you've primed your skin.

To reach the delicate areas of your face, such as the eye area, use the smaller end of the Gua Sha tool, and do each side of your face separately.

3. Massage the area again. To obtain the most perfect, glowing skin, repeat each motion three times on each section of your face and use the tool for 5–10 minutes everyday.

Try all these tips everyday and you will see the improvement of your skin in matter of weeks. Also we would like to recommend a face mask maker machine to create your own mask at home, very easy to use, mask making in 5 minutes with natural fruits.

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