Types of face masks - which one is the best for you?

September 18, 2022 2 min read

Types of face masks - which one is the best for you?

Face masks are one of the most popular beauty products today. They can improve the health of our facial skin. Most of the time we worry about making up our face to pay attention to the smallest details. But he didn't know that skin needs regular care to maintain its glow.

Masks fulfill this purpose: they hydrate, exfoliate and nourish the skin of the face so that it looks young and attractive with or without makeup. It is recommended to use a mask that hydrates, restores and improves the appearance of the facial skin in a short time.

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Hydrogel masks

They were originally developed in Korea. These face masks adapt perfectly to your skin and increase the absorption of their ingredients in just 15 minutes. You just need to remove the mask from your face and massage the remaining product.

Cream masks

These masks have a light and creamy texture and are rich in nutrients. These cream masks, unlike hydrogel masks, can be used on a specific part of the face.

Clay masks

They are mainly made of clay. There are several types of clay, and the most used are red clay and kaolin, which must be mixed with water (or already prepared) before applying to the face.

The duration of the application of a clay mask is 15-20 minutes. In addition to the clay, the salts can stimulate facial blood circulation and increase the supply of nutrients.

It is a set of natural elements, with mineral properties that serve to eliminate dirt converted into impurities and excess oil from the face, very suitable for skin with excess oil.

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Bubble masks

It is a mask that has recently entered the cosmetic market and that can provide very interesting results for the care of our skin. They look quite amazing when applied to the face as they have a very distinct texture or cloudy texture with lots of little air bubbles.

These textures are due to the fact that these masks are made of carbonized products. Which means that when they come into contact with the air outside their container, they swell and take on this characteristic texture.

The components of these masks are mainly based on clay and charcoal. To which, other elements such as green tea or antioxidant, nutrient and moisturizing elements can be included.

Exfoliating masks

As the name implies, these masks are designed to specifically exfoliate our skin. In order to remove all impurities and dead skin remains on our face, to be more exact.

When applying this type of mask it will be important to make circular movements, in order to activate the circulation of the skin. In this case, the application time will be less than in the case of other masks, since once we have finished the massage when applying them, they can be removed.

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