These are the masks dermatologists recommend to eliminate dark circles

April 05, 2023 2 min read

These are the masks dermatologists recommend to eliminate dark circles

The eyes are undoubtedly the foreground of your personal image and are responsible for transmitting more than emotions. It doesn't hurt to apply some beauty routines in this area, so focus on taking care of your eye contour. Creams, serums and oils will be your best allies. Taking care of the eye area is especially important if you want to reduce dark circles and swelling.

These feared lines and dark circles can be prevented or alleviated with simple treatments, adds the expert who works in her family clinic. In addition, if you have specific needs, you can prioritize the choice of the appropriate contour to modify.

Even Better Eyes contour, Clinique

A product designed to match the delicate skin of your eyes and eliminate dark circles. Suitable for all types of skins, it promotes luminosity and vitality of the eyes after use. It is sold as a 10 ml tube and has an autolylant tip.

Repairing eye contour, Cerave

This contour promises intensive hydration throughout the day to reduce dark circles. It helps restore the protective barrier of the skin and is rapidly absorbed with a non -fat texture.

Bag treatment, Remescar

A cream specially formulated to reduce bags. After the application, the combination of mineral clay, peptides and coffee and microalgae complex provides immediate results. These active ingredients have a reaffirming effect on the skin and reduce the accumulation of water under the eyes.

Avocado eye contour, kiehls

Kiehl's has infused is an eye contour with an avocado oil and karité butter to provide additional hydration around the eyes. Tested by ophthalmologists and dermatologists to guarantee safety and suitable for all skin types. You can choose between two sizes, a 14 grams boat or a 28 grams boat.

Antibolic Illuminator Cream, Sunday Riley

A proposal to illuminate and redefine your gaze instantly. Thanks to caffeine and Brazilian ginseng extract used in the formula, the appearance of bags and dark circles is reduced and the tired appearance of the gaze is eliminated. Its ingredients also include chestnut from the Indies, lutein (rich in antioxidants) and concentrated cocoa butter and karité extracts to help hydrate the skin.

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Eye contour Lifting, Anne Moller

It stimulates the powers of skin autocuration, moisturizes in depth and improves the appearance of the skin. Create a light effect that instantly blurs imperfections and eventually helps reduce wrinkles, bags and dark circles. It should be applied daily in the morning and at night, gently touching and gently massaging this area of ​​the skin.

Caudalie Redensifier Cream

Nourish, regenerate and reduce wrinkles is the objective of Resveratrol Lift Cream, one of Pharmacy V30 bestsellers. Its formula is based on concentrated hyaluronic acid, peptides and resveratrol, perfect for deep hydration and wrinkle reduction.

Skincenical anti - aging solar protector

It provides high spectrum protection while moisturizing the skin. One of the most prominent aspects of BrightWening UV Defense SPF 30 is that it helps control dark spots. Both reduce what you already have and prevent new things from appearing.

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