Skin protection from the sun: The best ways to avoid damage

September 05, 2022 2 min read

Skin protection from the sun: The best ways to avoid damage

Prolonged contact with natural sunlight can cause skin cancer. It also can cause other serious skin conditions. However, being outside in the sun also helps you relax and reduce stress. Especially since your body receives high doses of vitamin D. However, it’s necessary to protect yourself from excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays.

The invisible radiation emitted by the sun causes irreparable damage to the skin. Not only because of the risk of cancer but also because of less serious problems. Irritation, swelling, and burns tend to happen because of UV rays. These deteriorate the health of the dermis and its appearance. Therefore, here we will tell you the best ways to protect your skin from sunlight.

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protection from the sun: the best ways to avoid damage

How can we take care of the skin from the sun?

Currently, protecting yourself against possible skin damage that the sun can cause is easier than we think. There are many effective, inexpensive, and easy methods to follow daily. You should keep in mind that the sun's UV rays could affect you even on cloudy days. These reflect off the water and other surfaces, causing serious problems. Therefore, it is essential to protect yourself.

Different from your habits and lifestyle, you can take care of sun exposure and skin changes in different ways. Next, we will tell you the main tips to protect your skin from the sun.


The way you dress is fundamental in the skin’s protection and care. Regardless of whether it is sunny or cloudy days. Long-sleeved shirts, skirts, and long pants offer the necessary protection from the sun's UV rays. Garments in dark tones work better and are more effective.

Hats or caps

T-shirts and pants protect your body from the sun, but you need to take care of your head and face too. For this reason, hats or caps are becoming more and more essential. They allow covering the face, the ears and the back of the neck. If the combination with sunscreen, they will be much more effective. In addition, it allows you to have a different style while staying cool.

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These accessories not only help you have better vision on sunny days but also protect your eyesight. By taking care of your eyes from the UV rays of the sun, you can reduce the odds of suffering from cataracts and other pathologies. They cover the area around the eyes, which is also quite sensitive.

the best ways to avoid sun damage

Solar filters

Sunscreen is essential any time you plan to leave the house, no matter what type of clothing you find yourself wearing. The idea is to use sunscreen with protection against UVA and UVB rays and have an SPF of 15 or more. You should apply it to the areas of your body most exposed to contact with sunlight. Even those parts they cannot reach with the help of someone.

Today, you can get quality sunscreen anywhere, at affordable prices. Depending on the product specifications, choose the best sunscreen for you.

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