Skin Massages: Guide to giving volume to your skin in a short time

September 08, 2022 2 min read

Skin Massages: Guide to giving volume to your skin in a short time

Do you feel tired or tense lately? It is probably because your skinis not in the best possible condition. Either due to a lack of personal care or an effective skincare routine. In any case, skin massages are a positive way to improve the skin condition and have an excellent cosmetic appearance.

You can go to a spa or gym to get a massage by a professional. Although, you also have the option of doing it from home, to save money. Any method done the right waywill help you in ways you do not expect. With this guide, we will teach you how to massage the skin to restore shine and volume.

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Skin Massages: Guide to give volume to your skin in a short time

Types of massages

Before starting with any technique, you should remember that there are different types of massages. Both body and facial are applied with cosmetics, accessories, or just with the hands. Any of them can offer you many benefits,to relax the skin and regenerate its tissue. The most common body massages are the following.

  • Swedish massage: It consists of circular, long, and deep movements. With small shocks and vibrations, they return energy to your body and allow the muscles to begin to relax.
  • Deep massage: They are slower and stronger movements than the previous ones since they seek to reach the muscles and connective tissues of the body. They provide good results with injuries.
  • Pain trigger point massage: It is a technique that helps prevent injuries. Its areas of concentration are the sensitive parts of muscle fibers in the body.

Advantages of massages

Regardless of whether it is a body or facial massage,they provide many benefits and positive results. They will help you to have more luminous skin and reduce the risk of skin conditions. Other advantages to highlight about massages are the following.

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  • Reduce stress levels that can affect the skin.
  • Eliminate inflammation and muscle tension that builds up over time.
  • They allow blood circulation to increase, for better regeneration.
  • They cause the heart rate and blood pressure to decrease progressively.

How to do a massage from home?

The best option is always to optfor a professional masseur since they offer safety and good results. If you do get one, be sure to check its license. Also, make sure it has good reviews from other people.

Skin Massages: Guide to give volume to your skin in a short time

On the other hand, you can also massage your skin and get an effective result easily. To do this, you mustfollow these steps.

  • Prepare your skin properly by washing it withwarm water and antibacterial soap. The application of moisturizing cream also helps.
  • Complement the massage technique you choose with alotion, body oil, or facial mask. Find products that are appropriate for your skin type.
  • Just using your hands is enough, but you can achieve better resultswith complementary accessories. Facial massagers are a good option since they do not put pressure on your skin.

Applied body and facial massages correctly,and will provide positive results in a short time. Although, for its effects to be long-lasting, you need to incorporate massages into your skincare routine.

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