Milk- The ally to relieve skin irritation

April 05, 2023 2 min read

Milk- The ally to relieve skin irritation

The complexion is usually defined as the skin that covers the face, however, scientists specify that it refers to the tissue that covers the human body. Irritation is a condition that consists of inflammation of the skin causing pain, redness, burning, itching, among others.

 A perfect and shiny skin can become irritated due to both internal and external factors creating discomfort and unfavorable reactions on the tissue. Currently, a series of products have been created for preventive skin care and reversing damage using components such as milk.

Factors causing skin irritation

Internal factors:

They are caused due to a pathological problem or a problem in the internal system that is reflected on the skin surface.

  • Atopic dermatitis: it is a chronic and inflammatory disease characterized by intense skin itching, dryness, acute sensitivity and tends to complicate as infection.
  • Adverse drug reaction: taking certain medications without a medical prescription or without prior knowledge of the person's restrictions can cause reactions that affect the skin.
  • Allergies: the human body's immune system reacts to bodies that it experiences as foreign, reflecting irritation, acne, among others.
  • Stress: nervous situations such as stress can cause or aggravate skin irritations.


External factors:

Keeping the skin in frequent contact with external agents or substances can cause irritation or acute redness.

  • Cosmetics: Some cosmetics may contain elements that are irritating to the skin. It can be alcohol, perfume, some of the active ingredients used in the formulas of detergents, soaps, creams and lotions.
  • Thermal changes: Cold weather and sudden changes in temperature can also affect the skin, causing dryness and irritation. The most exposed areas, such as the face and hands, are especially sensitive.
  • Solar radiation: ultraviolet rays can be extremely offensive to the skin, accelerated climate change considerably aggravates the skin's sensitivity to the sun.
  • Sweat: moisture accumulated in the pores caused by exercise or heat from the environment can be the main cause of irritation and friction.

Important benefits of milk in skin care

Natural properties such as calcium, vitamins A, B, D, E and calcium make milk one of the main elements for skin treatments. Whether ingested or applied directly to the skin, it provides nutrients that hydrate and moisturize the layers, improving it and reversing damage caused by irritation.

One of the main characteristics of milk more recognized is that it comforts the layers of the skin when it has burns. Contains painkillers that help soothe injuries due to exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Currently milk is combined with other natural extracts such as honey and masks are made to remedy irritation. It is also used in the preparation of moisturizing creams to keep the skin hydrated, as well as in repairing home treatments.

Beyond looking for a beautiful complexion, it is very important to keep it healthy and fresh using the right treatments. It is advisable to verify that the application of the cosmetic or home treatment is tested and analyzed correctly to avoid irreversible damage.

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