Kiwi benefits you should know to have a beautiful and acne-free skin

October 08, 2022 2 min read

Kiwi benefits you should know to have a beautiful and acne-free skin

Kiwi is one of the fruits that has the most benefits for the skin. And all of them are related to the prevention and delay of premature aging, and the disappearance of stains. However, the secrets that this fruit hides are many, and you can discover them as you use it at home on your skin and hair.

It is important to highlight that the benefits of kiwi are not only present when you use it on the skin. But it is also highly beneficial for your body. This fruit has a large amount of vitamins, minerals and different properties that help maintain healthy and rejuvenated skin.

In addition, thanks to its high content of vitamin C, it helps protect the skin from the sun and free radicals. Functioning as a powerful antioxidant, which enhances cellular activity to prevent the appearance of spots and pimples.

And that's not all, because the benefits of kiwi also reach your metabolism. Its assets allow to renew and strengthen the immune system, to prevent allergies and flu.

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Kiwi beneficial properties

So that you can have a wide repertoire of fruits that benefit your skin and the body, it is important to know the properties of each one of them. For example, kiwi on its own works perfectly on your skin, but in combination with other fruits, you can have a multi-purpose mask suitable for all skin types.

  • Kiwifruit provides vitamin K. It favors the healing process, preventing very deep permanent marks from being left on the skin.
  • Promotes the immune system.
  • Contributes to having an excellent digestion, avoiding the accumulation of gases. It also strengthens the walls of the stomach, reducing the risk of having ulcers or suffering from heartburn.
  • When consumed, it helps lower blood cholesterol levels. This means that your skin will be much cleaner, and less prone to acne.
  • In pregnant women, kiwi is an excellent complement thanks to its high content of folic acid.

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What benefits does Kiwi give your skin?

  • Provides a great supply of vitamin C: This prevents and reduces the damage caused by sunlight. In addition, it stimulates the formation of collagen, and reduces spots on the skin. The better your collagen production, the better your skin will stay youthful, without breakouts or irritation.
  • Vitamin E:Helps to reactivate the cellular mechanism, strengthening the inner layer of the skin. This reduces the impact of UV rays on the face.
  • Polyphenols: Thanks to its high content of epigallocatechin, it reduces the risk of premature aging. It is capable of reducing the risk of skin cancer in old age.

  • Repairs tissues: After an injury occurs, Kiwi is highly beneficial in preventing thick, permanent, dark scars from developing.
  • Hair growth:Thanks to its high content of vitamin E, the Kiwi is ideal for the growth, strengthening and recovery of the scalp. It is an ideal complement to prevent hair loss.

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