Honey benefits for the skin

October 01, 2022 2 min read

Honey benefits for the skin

When we think of honey, we often think of sweeteners in our foods, but honey also works wonders for our skin. Honey has many properties: antioxidant, antiseptic, healing, moisturizing, nourishing, soothing, and perfect for dry and sensitive skin, toning and toning. If you love to take care of your face, you will not want to miss these benefits of honey for the skin.

Honey can perfectly cleanse the face and remove toxins due to a natural enzyme. It is also an excellent natural exfoliant because it is rich in sugars such as fructose and glucose, which make the skin soft and smooth. In addition, exfoliation with honey is not aggressive at all, but moisturizes the skin while exfoliating it.

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Honey properties

Honey is attributed antibiotic properties, being an excellent antiseptic for skin lesions. Increases the body's resistance to infections, becoming a healing and regenerating tissue cells injured by various burns, wounds and ulcers. Other properties on the skin are anti-pruritus and anti-inflammatory against insect bites, Guevara points out.

Honey has been a great ally in cosmetology, mainly in beauty creams; also in masks, lotions and post-bath ointments. Honey is used in masks and associated with massage, nourishing epithelial tissues and stimulating superficial circulation at the capillary level.

Daily skin cleanser

Honey has several antioxidant, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties that make it a good helper in unclogging pores and deep cleansing the skin. Therefore, thanks to natural enzymes, it deeply cleanses the skin of the face and keeps it clean.

Honey can be used on the face to remove existing blackheads, we also have healthy and moist skin. For this reason, this natural sweetener can be added to our moisturizer and can also be used for the production of natural masks. If we want to make a mask, we just have to wait a few minutes and rinse with plenty of warm water.

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Natural moisturizer

Of course, honey is one of the biggest benefits for the face. It acts as a skin protection barrier and always moisturizes it. It is associated with many vitamins and minerals that contribute to this deep hydration that penetrates the deepest layers of the skin.

Honey as a natural exfoliant for the face

Honey can also be used on the face as a natural exfoliant. Thus, it removes dead skin cells while giving your face an extra glow. It is a gentle exfoliating ingredient that soothes any potential skin irritation or condition.

To prepare a facial scrub with honey, we simply mix this ingredient with sugar and apply it to the skin. We massage it vigorously and wait a few minutes for it to take effect, then remove it with plenty of warm water. Unlike synthetic scrubs, which can irritate the skin, honey scrubs add extra moisture and shine to the skin while removing dead skin cells.

Fights facial imperfections

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of honey, this ingredient helps control sebum levels in the skin, reducing acne and blemishes. Also, honey on the face helps to remove acne scars and scars.

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