Homemade products that you can use as an improvised facial massager

September 15, 2022 3 min read

Homemade products that you can use as an improvised facial massager

Facial treatments are one of the aspects that we value the most when we talk about caring for our skin. Not only because the face is one of the most visible skin areas of the body, but also because it is one of the most fragile skin areas and exposed to external agents.

So let's not forget to clean it or protect it from the sun. Facial treatments go further since the facial muscles play a fundamental role in our beloved dermis’ appearance. That is why we must keep it clean, smooth, out of tension, and circulating. You don’t need to use expensive products at home you can get something to massage yourself with.

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Homemade products that you can use as an impromptu facial massager

Homemade utensils to massage the face

When it comes to facials, a few tools can go a long way, like a makeshift facial massager. They can activate circulation and improve the effects of treatments so that your face looks much younger and brighter.

Without the need to spend money buying commercial devices. These are an example:

Ice massage

This massage is best when makeup is longer or facial skin is dry. Just take some ice cubes and wrap them in a towel. Gently massage your neck and face in an upward motion.

Massage with spoons

Take two clean spoons and put them in a glass of ice water and alcohol for a few minutes. Dry them and place them on the upper eyelids. Repeat the procedure five times and also apply to the bags under the eyes and dark circles. For the rest of the face, place tablespoons in a cup of warm essential oil and massage.

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Massage with a frozen cucumber

Like the massage you give yourself with a jade facial roller, a frozen cucumber helps fade blemishes. It can also brighten the skin under the eyes and reduce eyelid puffiness. As well as creating a cooling sensation that reduces any redness.

Loofah massage

Natural sponges are used as an effective skin scrub and prevent pore clogging. Helps remove dead cells from the dermis superficial layers. As a result, the skin is clearer, which helps prevent and combat cellulite. Another advantage of natural sponges is that by rubbing them we stimulate blood circulation and keep the body calm and healthy. Vegetable sponges soften the skin.

Homemade products that you can use as an impromptu facial massager

Benefits of improvised facial massagers

Facial massagers are so important today that 70% of people may have one of these at home. But if not, it's important to know the following benefits of improvising some:

  • They help to rejuvenate the face, through the pressures on the skin, which activate circulation and influence the oxygenation of its surface.
  • Produces a greater increase in collagen in the skin, which prevents the premature appearance of wrinkles or the worsening of existing ones.
  • Reduces the visual consequences of stress, since, being a relaxing home treatment, they do not harm the external appearance.
  • Improves mood, because we manage to feel better about ourselves from home, as well as more relaxed.
  • We save money because by using treatments and cosmetic products from the market, the health of our face can be expensive. On the other hand, by using improvised or homemade products, we are saving ourselves from any unwanted purchases.

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