Botox: Revealing all its secrets

October 08, 2022 2 min read

Botox: Revealing all its secrets

Botox is one of the most used aesthetic procedures worldwide. It turns out to be an immediate solution for wrinkles, and also to enhance the complexion and give it much more volume. However, despite the fact that it is well known and used, it is true that it has many risks.

And if you're considering getting botox injections into your face, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first, be aware of all your risks and know what the prior care is so as not to miss the procedure. And second, in all cases, no matter what you have done, you should go to a professional. And we recommend that you ask for samples of their previous work, so that you can be sure that the treatment you will receive will be totally successful.

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What is botox?

Botulinum toxin, also known as botox, is a neurotoxin obtained from botulism. Which is a disease caused by the muscle paralysis bacteria. But, although its origin may sound strange to you, the truth is that it has multiple medical uses such as for neurological diseases, in aesthetic medicine.

Since its discovery in 1960, it has been used experimentally for ophthalmological use in the treatment of strabismus. And later in 1979, the FDA authorized its use for human use in cosmetics. Since then, doctors began to use botulinum toxin as a cosmetic to eliminate wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows and under the eyes.

Benefits that botox brings you

Although some people decide not to use botox, it is known as the star treatment. And thousands of people worldwide decide to use it, especially for its immediate effects. In addition, you can find multiple benefits such as:

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  • The application of botox does not require surgery. Therefore, the procedure is usually quick and outpatient.
  • Returns the youthful and healthy appearance to your face.
  • It is a painless technique and procedure.
  • The contradictions of botox are minimal. But in all cases, they must be evaluated by the professional who will carry out the intervention.

It is not uncommon to see that thousands of people, both men and women, decide to recover their face with botox every year. However, doctors recommend in all cases not to abuse its use.

When is it correct to use botox?

Although botox can give you endless benefits, it is not recommended to use it when it is not necessary. Because you will only be able to put a stiffness on your face that is not necessary, and it will limit your movements in an exaggerated way. The cases in which you should use it are:

  • By having pronounced wrinkles around the eyes.
  • If you have horizontal creases on your forehead.
  • To diminish the appearance of lines at the corner of the mouth.
  • Reduce cobblestone skin on the chin.

If you are still young, and you have skin with few imperfections, your best treatment will be daily skin care with masks and moisturizing creams. This will also lessen your need for botox later in life.

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