Best natural ingredients to hydrate the most dry and brittle skin

September 18, 2022 2 min read

Best natural ingredients to hydrate the most dry and brittle skin

Dry, brittle skin is a condition that affects more than just the skin, and while it's not a serious problem, it can be a concern for those who have it. To keep your skin hydrated, you can take care of yourself every day with various household products that will help you hydrate it.

We can use many products for dry skin, yes, including moisturizers, but it is better to do it naturally so as not to damage it. Good care for brittle skin can be done at home with natural products. Thanks to them we can achieve that the skin is cleansed, hydrated and toned.

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Almonds oil

It is not only a great choice, but also an easy entry into any establishment. Almond oil has properties such as: a large amount of fatty acids and antioxidants. It contains vitamin A, which is beneficial for the skin, and E has an important protective role in the epithelial area.

Yogurt with mashed potatoes

If you want to hydrate your dry and brittle skin, using a mixture of homemade products such as yogurt and potatoes is a good option. Since, yogurt contains lactic acid. In addition to removing dead cells and acting as a natural exfoliant, this ingredient moisturizes the skin.


Its large amount of vitamins, because it contains twelve of the 13 existing vitamins, with a high content of B and E complexes. It also contains properties rich in iron, copper and potassium, which are excellent for people. Helps nourish and hydrate and strengthen the skin. Because of these benefits, many cosmetic companies have long included this nutrient in their products.

The vitamin A found in avocados is very helpful in treating acne, psoriasis, and sun damage like scars and burns. Vitamin C promotes firmness and radiance.

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Olive oil

It is one of the most effective natural moisturizers on the market. Often used to treat broken and damaged fingernails and toenails. It has the same effect on the skin as it improves hydration and combats dryness.

Five tablespoons of olive oil in a little warm water are enough to deeply hydrate the skin, not only on the face, but on the whole body, and repair the damage caused by the wind and the sun on the beach. It is also a great makeup remover.

Aloe vera

Aloe has a kind of gel on its leaves, which is a miracle of beauty. Among its many benefits, it hydrates, regenerates, and fights certain skin diseases such as psoriasis, acne, irritation, among others.

To moisturize your face with aloe, you just need to apply the gel on your face or apply a homemade aloe mask. Spread it out to make it nice and pretty.

Coconut milk

Coconut oil is a home remedy to moisturize the face, rich in vitamins, nutrients and minerals that help improve the general appearance of the face and skin. Making it a very smooth surface.

We recommend using it as a moisturizer and leaving it on your face overnight. You will see how dry it is the next morning and you will be amazed at the results.

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