Best exfoliating masks for sensitive skin

April 05, 2023 2 min read

Best exfoliating masks for sensitive skin

We know how difficult and intimidating it can be to try out a new skin care product if you have sensitive skin. While it's important to avoid breakouts, avoid scrubs that have a bad reputation for causing redness and burning. Both chemical peels and physical peels can be used by people with sensitive skin and can increase tolerance by providing immediate hydration.

It is the basic process that cleanses the skin, oxygenates it and enhances the effectiveness of other cosmetics. If you want to add this step to your routine and achieve a flawless, flawless and glowing face like that of a Japanese woman, read on.

Paula's Choice Liquid Peel

A liquid scrub that gently removes plaque and fights acne and blackheads. Fights impure skin, blackheads and salicylic acid to exfoliate dead skin cells. The light texture absorbs quickly without leaving an oily or greasy residue. Perfect for skin with acne, blackheads and large hives.

Eucerin Dermo Pure Oil control

It is a product made up of 1% lactic acid that works by cleaning and unclogging pores, reducing acne, regulating excess sebum and the pH of the skin. And this makeup also has antibacterial and moisturizing properties, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Apply 1 or 2 times a week, depending on the condition of the skin, on the previously moistened face, massaging gently with the fingertips.

L'Oreal face mask

Light sugar scrub with natural kiwi seeds. Our scrubs are based on ingredients of natural origin and are rich in essential nutrients. At the heart of the formula are natural exfoliating sugars. Microscopic sugar crystals provide powerful yet gentle exfoliation for sensitive skin.

The Clarifying Sugar Scrub combines three fine sugars (brown, yellow, and white) with natural kiwi seed for a smooth, warm texture. Exfoliation leaves the skin soft as a baby and cleanses it in depth.

Belif Pore Cleaner Blackhead Buster

It is an exfoliating cleanser that effectively removes blackheads and dead skin cells to make pores less visible. It comes with an antibacterial exfoliating brush that is the perfect companion. As for the formula, it is a fine gel made from bamboo charcoal and contains ingredients extracted from coconut to reduce irritation.

This is one of the best exfoliants that focuses on removing all kinds of impurities. Especially dead cells and excess sebum from the surface of the dermis. Get the clean, purified and regenerated skin you've always wanted.

Beauty glam face scrub sensitive skin

Beautyglam Enzyme Peel purifies dull skin and unclogs pores. This gentle yet effective combination is suitable even for sensitive skin. Contains rice protein to effectively exfoliate dead skin and excess sebum to help you create the skin you want.

Floslek face peeling

After the first use, it cleanses in depth, removes calluses and eliminates the sensation of sand. When used as recommended, it unclogs pores and unclogs, reduces oiliness and increases skin moisture.Does not cause redness or other irritation.

This product does not contain ingredients of animal origin. It works great on combination skin, but can be used on all skin types, including sensitive skin and fair skin.Recommended for all age groups.

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