Albinism - What are the essential care for this type of skin?

September 23, 2022 2 min read

Albinism - What are the essential care for this type of skin?

Albinism is a skin pigment disorder that can affect people of all races and from all parts of the world. It is caused by a number of rare genetic disorders and can also cause abnormally low levels of melanin and complete loss of skin pigment. The hair and skin are usually pale white, and the eyes can be a pinkish or slightly bluish-gray color.

This condition can be diagnosed by examining the skin and also the eyes. People affected with this disorder are very sensitive to sunlight and frequently avoid bright lights. Because melanin protects the skin from the effects of the sun, people with albinism are very susceptible to sunburn or skin cancer.

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How to face and support people with albinism?

Albinism is more common than you think. Although it seems impossible, anyone can be born suffering from this disorder and coping with it is very difficult. That is why it is recommended that you accompany people who suffer from it in their day to day. Here are some recommendations for them:

At school

If you have an albino child, start early and work with teachers and school administrators to help your child adjust in the classroom. You can take the following precautions:

  • Have him take a seat in front of the class so his vision is not affected.
  • Buy textbooks necessarily, with large letters.
  • The manuals with the content of the classes, can facilitate their knowledge. For example, if the information written on the whiteboards appears in your guides, it would be extremely helpful.

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Address emotional and social integrity issues

Being different, people with albinism can feel socially excluded, which can lower their self-esteem. This example can fuel negative thoughts and make them feel bad about themselves. If you have a relative or friend who suffers from this, help them in the following ways:

  • Convince him to talk to you about his experiences, feelings, thoughts and his day to day life in general.
  • If you see it necessary, you can take him to a mental health professional so that both of you can communicate in a healthy way. And that thanks to this, you can feel capable of achieving everything you set out to do.

Tips to protect albino skin

It is advisable to see a health professional, who can control and help prevent damage to this type of skin. Being a very white and sensitive skin, it is exposed to many environmental or chemical factors, which can affect sensitivity much more. These are some of the recommendations for your care:

Wear appropriate clothing to protect the skin from the sun


Even if the body is covered, the degree of UV protection of clothing can vary. In general, the stiffer and heavier the fabric, the more protection it provides.

Keep skin hydrated

Moisturizing is important for any skin type and certainly more so for fair skin. This type of skin is usually more sensitive and keeping it well hydrated can help protect it from external factors.

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