Activated Charcoal For Skin: Does It Work?

September 07, 2022 2 min read

Activated Charcoal For Skin: Does It Work?

In recent years, activated charcoal has become a popular ingredient in skin care products. It offers multiple benefitsin the regeneration of the dermis. It has detoxifying properties and helps fight both dry and oily skin. Most likely, you have already used it without knowing it, as it is part of other products.

However, the effectiveness of activated carbon has its worries. In the world of cosmetics, there are still many doubts about this component and the benefits it offers.For that reason, here we are going to clarify all your reservations. We’ll tell you all the essential information about activated charcoal.

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Activated Charcoal For Skin: Does It Work?

What is activated carbon?

As its name indicates, it activates through exposure to high temperatures, making this product what it is.Thus, it becomes a porous substance capable of absorbing toxins. This capacity is perfect for reducing dirt and accumulated skin bacteria, without generating any risk. Thanks to this, its application is becoming more and more popular.

It is common to complement activated carbon with other ingredients,to improve the safety of its use. Especially, since you can obtain charcoal from substances such as wood, peat, sawdust, and coconut shells.

Main uses

There is a wide range of ways you can use activated charcoal. The effectiveness of each of themvaries according to your objective. You just have to ensure that it does not contain toxic properties that cause damage to the skin. The safest way to apply activated charcoal is through cleansers, facial scrubs, and hair care products.

Benefits of activated carbon

Thanks to its properties, activated charcoal helps youeliminate toxins from the body. However, it also offers you other advantages. Next, we will tell you what they are, so that you consider them before using them.

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Skin impurities

Any accumulated bacteria or dirt on the skin can cause clogged pores. Over time, this makes you prone to skin conditions. The activated charcoal cleanser or facial scrub applicationreduces and eliminates these problems. It works effectively on any type of skin.

Excess oil

When the skin produces abundant natural oil, it becomes oily and prone to irritation. Due to its absorption properties, activated carbon is an excellent option to apply in such cases. It penetrates deep into the pores,working like a sponge on the skin, as it absorbs excess oil. In no time, you will have a better appearance.

Activated Charcoal For Skin: Does It Work?

Acne proneness

Acne breakouts are annoying and can happen anytime, no matter your skin type. Activated charcoal reduces those chances by removing dead skin cells. It allows the opening of the pores andthe face to remain clean. The fewer bacteria you accumulate, the less likely you are to suffer from acne.

However, before using activated carbon in any of its forms,consult your trusted doctor. In this way, you’ll be able to determine if it’s the best option for you. There are other cosmetic products you can buy or prepare at home that offer the same results.

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