Acne - Different types and which is the most serious

October 04, 2022 2 min read

Acne - Different types and which is the most serious

Acne is one of the most common dermatological problems that exist. They can affect preteens, teens, and adults. No matter your age, you can be a victim of acne. Even if you made it through your entire teen years without suffering from it, as an adult, your metabolism can change, resulting in an acne breakout.

However, today there are many treatments that help alleviate this type of dermatological condition. But for this, you first need to know exactly what type of acne you suffer from. Knowing this, it will give you a broader vision of how comfortable your skin care should be until it completely disappears.

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1. Acne of the newborn

Believe it or not, approximately 20% of newborn babies suffer from mild acne. This happens because hormones passed through the mother's placenta can affect it just before delivery. In addition, it has been proven that in many cases the baby can start to develop acne due to high levels of stress from birth. Causing her body to release hormones that harm the newborn's skin. In these cases, only the presence of white pimples is seen and they usually disappear without any necessary treatment.

2. Acne vulgaris

It is the most common type of acne, and it frequently occurs in adolescents and young adults. Also, they give an overview of what people know as acne. It is usually not that serious, but it does need treatment. This type of acne happens and begins during puberty. Due to the increase or change in hormones, the metabolism usually changes, causing acne breakouts on the skin.

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3. Acne conglobata (Cystic acne)

It is one of the less frequent forms of acne, and it occurs especially in young men. In this type of acne, deep pimples appear on the face, chest, back, upper arms, and thighs. Its treatment is usually very difficult because a solution is rarely found. And unfortunately, and most of the time it usually leaves a mark or scars. This type of acne usually lasts into adulthood.

4. Acne fulminans

This is a much more severe form of acne conglobata, and occurs mostly in adolescent boys. With this type of acne, the person begins to suffer from a large number of pimples on the back, chest, face, and arms. And just like the previous type, they leave big scars. In addition to breakouts, this type of acne often causes muscle pain, bone pain, and fever when it becomes severe.

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