7 fruits that will help you firm up your skin

October 08, 2022 2 min read

7 fruits that will help you firm up your skin

Just as you can find hundreds of products that promise to give you like-new skin, the truth is that hundreds of natural products can do it too. Numerous fruits have the ability to restore youth to your skin in a short time, especially if you know how to take advantage of them. Many have vitamin C, vitamin E and numerous properties that, together, make your skin better than ever. But what are the best fruits for your skin?

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1. Orange

The orange is known as one of the best fruits for both the skin and the body in general. Especially for its high content of vitamin C, which acts as an excellent antioxidant to protect cells from the conditions it suffers daily due to free radicals.

When you apply it directly to the skin, it penetrates the pores and acts as a mask that protects them from solar radiation. In addition, it has antiseptic properties thanks to its acidity, eliminating toxins accumulated in the depths of the pores.

2. Grapes, cherries and avocados

These three foods are ideal for your skin and for the body. Avocado by itself has a high content of unsaturated fats excellent for the body. Since it replaces saturated fats with healthier ones, making your skin much softer and protected from acne breakouts.

For their part, grapes and cherries have salicylic acid that makes your skin progressively firmer as the days go by. It is ideal that you take them daily so that your body is at its best, and it is reflected in healthy, radiant and voluminous skin.

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3. Strawberries and watermelon

Both fruits are highly recommended for those looking to increase collagen production. This leads to much healthier, voluminous and youthful skin. Since, it stimulates the production and synthesis of collagen in the cells, and therefore it is reflected in a much more youthful face.

In the same way, thanks to their antioxidant properties, they protect against free radicals and slow down aging. They also have a high content of water and vitamins, which are highly beneficial for the skin because they moisturize it and prevent dryness, peeling and sunburn.

4. Tangerines

Another of the most popular fruits for its high content of vitamin C. If you combine them with a homemade mask, you will have an ideal formula to make your skin look exquisite at all times. Also, if you combine it with avocado, or with any of the fruits mentioned above, you will have a multivitamin mask that will leave your skin looking like new and protected against various factors.

Well there you have it, a group of fruits that can make your skin look like new, in no time. However, before combining them or applying them in your day-to-day as masks or consuming them, we recommend evaluating what the needs of your skin are.

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