5 tricks to reduce under eyes bags in one night

September 17, 2022 3 min read

5 tricks to reduce under eyes bags in one night

The lower part of our eyes is the most affected body part by our day to day life. Where the effects of stress, insomnia and fatigue over the years are more noticeable, because this skin part is very thin and delicate. Although there are countless products on the market that claim to help reduce puffiness and brighten the under-eye area, they don't always work.

Drinking plenty of water and using cold compresses can quickly reduce swelling. But the only way to improve your appearance in the long run is to make lifestyle changes. Even more, if the under eye bags and dark circles are hereditary. Hence the importance of knowing certain tricks to minimize this condition.

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5 tricks to reduce under eyes bags in one night

1.    Use a cold compress

Not only expensive products are effective. Lightening dark circles can be as simple as using a cold compress. Applying cold compresses under the eyes can help quickly constrict blood vessels to temporarily relieve pressure.

Sure, you can go out and buy cold packs in stores, but there are also methods available that you can do at home, such as:

  • A refrigerated spoon.
  • A frozen cucumber.
  • Wet cloth with cold water.

2.    Apply Almond oil

Using natural oils in skin beauty care is becoming more and more popular due to its properties. If we talk about almond oil, we see that it is composed of vitamins A, B and E and moisturizing properties. It is an absorbent oil and does not clog pores.

Thanks to vitamin E, almond oil can help heal dark circles and also delay the appearance of crow's feet by moisturizing the delicate skin around the eyes. Before bed, put a drop on your finger and massage around your eyes.

Do not forget, before applying the oil, clean the rest of the cosmetics beforehand. After a few weeks, you will notice that your eyes look better and younger, without the characteristic dark circles and with fewer bags under the eyes.

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3.    Use cucumber slices

Cucumbers contain vitamin E, water, and essential oils to help reduce bags under the eyes and dark circles. The high content of water, vitamin E and essential oils make it moisturizing and anti-inflammatory.

Cucumbers are ideal for removing dark circles and puffiness, as they soothe the skin, reduce inflammation and combat dryness. It should be with a cold pack, so put it in the refrigerator for a while and don't let it freeze.

Rinse well, cut two strips and apply to cleansed skin and eyes. To achieve the effect, the discs must be kept for 15 minutes and replaced when they get hot.

5 tricks to reduce under eyes bags in one night

4.    Chamomile bags

Another product widely used in all parts is chamomile, since it is a natural anti-inflammatory that has been used for a long time.

Soak both bags in warm water for a few minutes, then place each bag on each eye and leave for 15 minutes. Besides to chamomile, you can also use green tea or peppermint.

5.    Apply tomato

Although it is not one of the most popular treatments, it is one of the most effective. Tomatoes are known for their antioxidants, making them a good source for reducing puffiness and dark circles.

In this case, apply it under the eyes, mix the tomato puree with a few drops of lemon until it forms a point that extends towards the area of ​​dark circles, wait for it to take effect for 15 minutes.

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