5 Bedtime Mistakes That Can Damage Your Face

September 02, 2022 2 min read

5 Bedtime Mistakes That Can Damage Your Face

Positive habits during the day and night are essential in skin care.However, you have to be careful about the routines you adopt. Many of them can cause damage to your face or the rest of the body. Whether it’s the hydration, nutrition, or skin care products you’re using can be dangerous.

In particular, it is common to make mistakes at bedtime.During the night, it is essential to have a good routine. Since it is the moment when your skin is most vulnerable. It doesn’t have the same oil production as during the day, so it loses moisture easily. Here we will tell you about the most common mistakes in skin care at night.

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5 Bedtime Mistake That Can Damage Your Face

Importance of taking care of your skin at night

First, it’s essential to remember that skincare’s always important. However, it’s essential to maintain a good aesthetic appearance andprevent health problems. During this period of the day, your skin can take a lot of damage, even while you sleep.

During the day, your skin can accumulate a large amount of dirt and oils that are not visible to the naked eye. The lack of care before sleeping makes your skinunable to regenerate and stay hydrated.

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Over time,this causes it to lose shine. So you don’t need just a skincare routine before bed, you need to prevent mistakes all the time.

Common mistakes in night skincare

If you have a routine before bed to protect your skin and keep it healthy,you will probably already see the positive effects. On the other hand, if your skin has been getting worse, there is a possibility that you have made one of the following mistakes.

Don’t wash your face.

Before applying any moisturizing cream or lotion at night,you must cleanse your face. Like this, you can remove all the dirt and dead cells accumulated during the day. The pores will be able to open, and the regeneration process will be effective.

Use of hot or cold water

One of the most common mistakes is cleaning your face, but doing it wrong. Applying hot or cold water before going to sleep, makesyour skin prone to inflammation and irritation. Ideally, use lukewarm water and clean with a dry towel.

Not using retinol

After cleansing the face, many go straight to applying a moisturizer,when they must first use retinol. This product helps with collagen production and is essential in night skin care.

Mistakes That Can Damage Your Face

Apply many products

Skin care at night should be a simple process. You have to cleanse, apply retinol, and then a moisturizer. However, many people tend to make the mistake ofusing additional products. The excess causes your skin to dry and irritate.

Just have a routine for the face

Your nightly skincare routine needs to be all over your body, not just your face.It’s necessary to moisturize completely, or at least do it in the areas most prone to dryness. Otherwise, pigmentation and other common problems will start to appear.

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