3 DIY fruit face masks for acne-free skin

August 31, 2022 2 min read

3 DIY fruit face masks for acne-free skin

Fruits are a fundamental part of a person's diet due to the minerals and vitamins. It’s necessary to consume them frequentlyto keep excellent physical condition and health. However, these have other uses, beyond the edible. You can use them to make fruit face masks at home.

Fruit-based facials offer multiple benefits in skin care. They help keep it rejuvenated, radiant, and wrinkle-free.More importantly, they allow you to have your face without any trace of acne. You can treat your skin problems from home, without spending much money. Here we will give you recipes for fruit facemasks to prevent acne.

3 DIY fruit face masks for acne-free skin

Remember this before applying a fruit facemask

Even if fruit-based facials are easy to do at home,you have to know how to apply them. Otherwise, they won’t have the best possible effect in rejuvenating your skin or getting rid of acne. Certainly, you need to remember to optimize the fruit facial mask result. Next, we will tell you so that you are attentive.

  • Before using the mask, your skin should beclean and exfoliated to improve blood circulation.
  • Extract the fruit pulp completely byliquefying it in a machine.
  • Byadding oatmeal to the fruit pulp, you can make a thick paste that’ll stay on your face until you wash it.
  • It’s best to start treatmentat the end of the day when you are ready to rest from everyday tasks.
  • Make sure you apply the face creamto your face and neck. Both areas are equally susceptible to skin problems.
  • After applying the facemask, avoid direct contact with the sun for24 to 48 hours.

Face mask recipes to fight acne

Many fruits help with skin care. Among them,honey and lemon are usually the most effective against acne. Although, there are also other options. In the following list, we will give you some basic recipes to make at home.

1. Papaya and honey mask

  • Blend 2 pieces of papayauntil the pulp is smooth. Then add a tablespoon of honey.
  • Put the mask on your face for15 or 20 minutes.
  • Clean your facewith cold water and then with a dry towel.
  • Finally, applymoisturizing cream to the skin.

Banana face mask

  • Mash half a bananain a container. Then, add half a tablespoon of honey and a game spoon of lemon.
  • Mix all the ingredients, until theybecome thick.
  • Apply on your clean skinfor 20 minutes and then remove it with cold water.

fruit face masks for acne-free skin

Orange peel mask

  • Peel three oranges, to chop the orange skininto small portions. You should rinse them and dry them in the sun for three days.
  • Once their drained,pulverize them and store the powder in a clean container or bottle.
  • Now, mix the orange powder with two tablespoons of honeyand one of yogurt.
  • Apply on your face for20 minutes. Lastly, clean with cold water.

For the effects of these homemade facial masksto be long-lasting, it is necessary to apply them within the daily routine of personal skin care.

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